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American Olympus

  These paintings portray flawed heroes from an amalgamation of comic books, history and mythology. The figures share aspects of noble strength and genocidal brutality in their deeds and conquest. The examination of the truth and virtue of these figures has an urgent voice within our contemporary society. Our culture embraces superheroes but we continue to resist examining these icons for deeper meaning and insight. My works are visual manifestations of the societal status of superheroes -- these characters and their stories have become secular mythology.  They are a uniquely American art form whose characters have acquired great significance. Artistically, there is a direct lineage from the muscular figures of Michelangelo to these pop heroes. From their mythological melting pot I like to draw (and paint) parallels within my work to contemporary and historical figures and similar narratives from different cultures. The figures are as flawed and inspiring as our own country is. Formally, abstraction and realism are simultaneously present as gestural swaths of paint exist next to focused areas of representation. I seek an emotional response with this work; my goal is a vibration between imagery and the medium as a gripping, vibrant surface.

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